Selling Your Luxury Property

Are you concerned about finding the right buyer and getting the value your property deserves?  My focus is on the luxury market, and I offer a personalized strategy and dedicated service, ensuring a smooth, successful sale that honors your investment.

Lean on my professional expertise to determine a competitive price for your luxury property.  I conduct an in-depth market analysis the local market:  Homes for sale, those under contract, and those sold.  This analysis ensures not only a quick sale, but a maximum return on your investment.  This is vital, whether selling a townhouse or an estate home.

I balance your desire for the rest return on your investment with market realities, and I employ a comprehensive approach considering the details of your property.

You only have one chance at a first impression!  I will conduct a meticulous evaluation of your property, and make recommendations for the best presentation of your property.  I will make recommendations for professional staging and enhancements.  I collaborate with designers, contractors, and landscapers, ensuring that your property looks appealing and sparkles for the most discerning buyers.  We will make sure to make each space showcase its full potential, and make sure your home is a buyer’s dream.

A picture paints a thousand words!  I employ a professional photographer to take stunning pictures and capture your home in the best light possible.

Combine this with targeted marketing utilizing a global luxury network, be assured your property reaches the right audience. My comprehensive marketing campaign involves, social media, direct mail, digital advertising, and even exclusive events.  I evaluate your property’s unique features, and choose marketing that will appeal to the most discerning buyer.

Denise’s Approach and Process

Understanding Needs & Desires:

Start with an in-depth consultation to understand the client’s needs and desires, whether buying or selling.


Personalized Strategy:

Develop a strategy tailored to the client’s expectations, market trends, and property specifics.

Thorough Research:

Analyze the luxury real estate market, identifying opportunities as well as challenges.


Pricing Strategy:

On the sellers’ side, do an in-depth assessment of the property to establish a competitive price which reflects the property’s value.


Property Presentation:

Working with the seller to utilize professional staging and photography to present the property in a most appealing way.

Thoughtful Marketing:

Market the property through various channels, including listings and luxury publications, and a private global network.


Secure the best terms using expert negotiation skills.

Contract Management:

Ensure a smooth legal process by handling all contractual details.


Coordinate any pertinent inspections to identify any issues.

Address Concerns:

Work proactively to address concerns.  This involves any repairs to revising contracts.

Seamless Process:

Beginning to end support

Personalized Attention:

White-glove service, available to assist with any questions or concerns

Final Inspections:

Oversee any last minute inspections and conduct any last-minute negotiations.


Ensure that all documents are in order, and facilitate a smooth closing.

Continued Support:

Provide continued support after settlement, assisting with moving, renovations, and other needs.

Long-Term Relationship:

Focus on making the process much more than a transaction, ensuring client satisfaction and future collaboration.

Tools and Resources for Seller's

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